ALOJA-STARKELSEN was founded in June 1991 as the first Latvian food company with foreign capital. ALOJA-STARKELSEN is located in the northern part of Latvia, near the town of Aloja. 

ALOJA-STARKELSEN largest stakeholder is the 'Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter Group' with their headquarters based in Kristianstad, Sweden. 

Over the years ALOJA-STARKELSEN has become the biggest potato starch producer in the Baltic States and one of the leading organic potato starch producer in the World.

ALOJA-STARKELSEN also produces a wide range of other food products like gelatin dessert, fruit jelly, baking powder, vanilla sugar, DIP sauces and much more.

We are currently employing 80 staff members and the company's annual turnover is 8 million EUR.

Approximately 80% of our production is exported to other European Union countries and the United States of America.

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Our company is maintaining the world class standard on quality management by operating appropriate quality systems in accordance with international quality standards. We are constantly measuring and evaluating the quality processes in order to improve our products.

"Aloja-Starkelsen" Products manufactured in accordance with standard BRC:

  • Mix preparation and packing of dry products (vanilla sugar, vanilin sugar, baking powder, dry jelly, dry water gel) into paper sachets, cardboard tubes, OPP packaging.

  • Prepacking of dry spices in jars.

  • Prepacking of brown pea protein concentrate, brown pea starchy flour, fava bean protein concentrate, fava bean flour into craft bags.

  • Packing of sugar decor in glass jars.

  • Desalting, packing with brine of capers and green peppers with low acid brine in glass jars and plastic buckets.

  • Washing, rasping, separation, drying, packaging of potato starch into craft bags or big bags, laminated paper sachets (OPP).




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Same product, different packaging

Same product, different packaging

SIA "ALOJA-STARKELSEN" board member Jānis Garančs with the new Alojas potato starch packet.

In collaboration with Latvian farmers, Sia "ALOJA-STARKELSEN" follows particular quality control system that allows our potato starch (distributed in blue package) to keep the "Zaļās Karotītes" ("The Green Spoon") status. 

This label ensures and represents the following actions: environment-friendly farming, reasonable use of plant protection products and fertilizers. Furthermore, "The Green Spoon" label acknowledges that during the product production process the usage of raw materials produced in Latvia is at least 75%.  

This winter we have modernized the packaging design for the Alojas potato starch in the blue packet. The structure of the potato starch together with its remarkable properties have remained the same, maintaining consistently high quality also in it's new-look!