Since 2008, apart from the potato starch in the blue package, ALOJA-STARKELSEN also produces organic potato starch from organically grown potatoes.

This product is available in 400g packaging placed in green carton boxes.


"ALOJA-STARKELSEN" offers five different tastes of dry mix for making jelly, each 200g package.


"ALOJA-STARKELSEN" offers five different flavors dry mix gel ready for preparing.

When the mixture has turned into a jelly, it is ready to be served. You can use this product as a single dessert, create a layered jelly using several colors or decorate cakes or other pastry products (goes well together with no-bake cheesecakes).

You might as well add some fresh berries and fruits to the jelly. Be aware not to use kiwi and pineapple - it is very likely that the jelly would fail to set up properly. Try out different types of cooking molds - jelly has a wonderful ability to maintain the shape of the mold, and therefore can add an interesting twist to your dessert.


1. Jelly prepared with fresh or canned fruits and berries will spice up your dessert. You can match the flavour of jelly with chosen fruits or mix up different flavours and colors.

2. Remember - do not add fresh kiwi, pineapple, figs, guava, papaya or ginger to your jelly mixture. When these items are added fresh, the jelly loses it's ability to set up properly. However, the previous doesn't apply if the named items are canned, boiled or preserved in another way.

3. Gelatine mixture should not be boiled in order to keep it's ability to set up and avoid unpleasant taste.

4. The best timing to use the jelly mixture is right between it has already cooled down, but hasn't started to set up yet. Then the surface of the jelly will form nicely and smoothly.

5. If you intend to use jelly to pour it over a cake that has a cream topping or desserts containing whipped cream, cottage cheese, yogurt or other milk products, we advise you to first cool these items down and place them back in the fridge right after adding the jelly.

6. If you wish to make a layered jelly, let the first layer cool down and set up before pouring the next layer on top. If the temperature of jelly is too warm, the line between two layers will turn out slightly blurred. However, sometimes this effect is created on purpose to add more interesting look.

7. If your dessert contains milk or cream layers, you should be aware that the set up time for the jelly will be twice as long as normally.

8. In case you run out of time and want the jelly to be ready shortly, place it in the freezer for a moment.



Ingredients: 250g beef, 150g pork, 70g Alojas Potato Starch, 1/5 cup of milk or water, 1-2 onions, salt,  ground black pepper, Vegetable oil


1. Cut the meat into small pieces and use the meat grinder to grind it

2. Slightly fry the onions using vegetable oil, add them to the minced meat and re-grind

3. Combine the mixture with water or milk, Alojas potato Starch, salt, pepper and mix until smooth

4. Roll into meatballs and fry until they get brown


Ingredients: 500g Wheat flour, 300g Sugar, 150g Alojas potato starch, 150g Creme Fraiche, 150g Butter


1. Preheat the oven to 175 C

2. Gradually mix all the ingredients

3. Roll the dough into a bar (approximately 3 cm in diameter) and cut into small pieces of one cm

4. Flatten each of the cookie and place onto the cookie sheet

5. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes


Ingredients: 400g Cottage cheese (5%), 4 tablespoons sugar, 2 eggs, 100g butter, 2 tablespoons, Alojas potato starch, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 100g raisins, 10g vanilla sugar


1. Preheat the oven to 200 C

2. Use half of the sugar and mix it with the cottage cheese using a blender

3. Add two egg yolks

4. Mix the butter with remaining sugar and stir it into the cottage cheese mass

5. Add potato starch, raisins and whipped egg whites

6. Pour the content into baking form and place it into preheated oven

7. Bake for twenty minutes



Ingredients: Oranges Alojas jelly with orange flavour


1. Cut the oranges into half and carefully scoop them out

2. Fill the orange cups with prepared jelly mixture and refrigerate them

3. Once the jelly has set up, slice each cup in 2-3 wedges and serve them on plates. 

We recommend you to add some whipped cream or ice cream on the side You can also add some of the orange pulp or other fruits to the jelly mixture to have some extra flavour or variate between different jelly flavours. In this case, do not cut the orange halves, but serve them as whole. Decorate with whipped cream around the rim.


Ingredients: Shortcrust pastry, Alojas Cranberry Jelly, Canned peach halves, Cream Sugar, Gelatine, Fresh Cranberries or other fruits for decoration


1. Preheat the oven to 200 C

2. Fill the baking cups with shortcrust pastry, slightly pierce the base of the cups and place them in preheated oven until they become golden

3. Remove from baking cups and let them cool down

4. Pour the content of Alojas cranberry jelly in 400 ml of hot water and stir until it melts. Let the mixture cool down

5. Slice the peach halves into several thin pieces and place them into the baked shortcrust forms. Pour the jelly on the top and refrigerate until the content has set up

6. Decorate with whipped cream, cranberries or other fruits

If you have any jelly leftovers, place them in some other container and refrigerate. Once it has set up, cut them into little cubes and use as decoration.


Ingredients: Alojas jelly of different flavours


1. For this dessert you will need a special oval-formed containers or empty egg-shells (create a little hole in the thickest side of an egg, pour out the contents and carefully wash the egg-shell with boiling water, let it dry) 

2. Pour the dry jelly mix into 350 ml of hot water and mix until the gelatin  has melted

3. Pour the mixture into the chosen forms and refrigerate

4. When the jelly has set up, carefully peel off the egg-shell and serve the jelly-eggs

 Variate between flavours and colours to make your dessert more eye-catching!